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Shoulder injuries – a common complaint for tennis players Common shoulder injuries. The most common shoulder conditions in tennis players include impingement, superior labral... Treatment for shoulder injuries. Shoulder injuries are split into 2 categories – conditions A which can lead to a set ...

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A well balanced action of the rotator cuff muscles and capsular structures is necessary to obtain a stable centre of rotation during the overhead action. This review concerns shoulder injuries, related to the overhead motion in tennis players, which can be explained by the same mechanism as thrower's shoulder.

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Bursae help reduce friction between the bones in your joints. If the bursa becomes inflamed, it can lead to a condition called shoulder bursitis. Bursitis symptoms vary by type and severity but may include swelling, excessive warmth at the site, tenderness, pain, and/or fever.

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The term “SICK scapula” was introduced to describe a pathological state of the scapula, characterised by scapular malposition, inferior medial border prominence, coracoid pain and malposition, and kinesis abnormalities of the scapula. 3 This syndrome, characterised by a drooping shoulder, is often seen in overhead athletes and is thought to contribute to the development of shoulder injuries. In most tennis players such an abnormal position of the scapula can be detected.

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The most common cause of shoulder injury is repetitive overuse. Overuse can be the result of too much play in a short time interval, too long of a season, or poor stroke mechanics. Acute injuries caused by a single traumatic event are far less common. Repetitive overuse interacts with other factors such as age, general fitness, and genetics

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The Sports Medicine specialists at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute have compiled the following list of symptoms that may indicate the presence of tennis shoulder injuries: Localized swelling and tenderness in the front of the shoulder Pain spanning from the front of the shoulder to the side of the arm ...

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Shoulder injuries make up around 17% of all injuries related to tennis, which makes it the second most common injury site, and the most common chronic (long-term) injury site in tennis. At a young age, pain and dysfunction are apparent in approximately 20-25% of dominant shoulders in tennis players. As we age, that number increases significantly. It is reported that approximately 50% of middle-aged tennis players report significant shoulder pain in their dominant arm.

3 Most Common Tennis Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Shoulder injuries are common in tennis players. These are usually caused by overuse and weak rotator cuff muscles. Your rotator cuff helps keep your shoulder in the socket.