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How To Spice Up Your Sexual Life?

We all know how to spice up our sex life. Still, people repeat this age old question, because there is no such straight rule to make fun and add some spice to the sexual behavior. For youngsters, this is a big question. The reason is, a healthy sex life leads to a strong relationship. Probably couples think a lot about the new techniques and how to make the bed life enjoyable. The best way is to add some fun to the act.
When both are in a mood and all set for the spicy adventure, a few things can make the whole process a lot funnier and memorable for days to come. Both the partners can watch some different kinds of Porn Movies videos like gay sex clips, lesbian videos, group sex in a party, etc. Let's have a look at the other fun ideas.
Filming the Act:
Making the own sex scene and watching it after the act is a great idea to make fun. An automated camera is required to capture the scenes. One can capture the special moves and positions to enjoy after the sex.
Creating an Erotic Story:
Writing the own erotic story and sex life explanation is also a great way to enjoy the bed life. Both can read the story loudly and can make fun as, the characters are two love birds who love each other and sitting together. Old sex memories can also be created for recall those adventurous days. Both can have a discussion about the sexual behavior and desire under the mild bedroom light. The use of perfect sexual words is also effective and brings high sex drive.

porn moviesSex in a Risky Place:
This is something amazing and delivers the highest amount of pleasure & fun. Visiting a nearby seashore or forest with a skirt having no underwear and enjoying intercourse under the sky is really enjoyable. Here both can bring together closer to each other and can feel the joy of a strong orgasm outside.

One can Gay Porn check out the gay sex clips, where both the partner masturbates at a time to receive the same amount of pleasure. Similarly, in case of couples, they can masturbate in front of each other to learn what makes each one feel good. It will make fun and laugh at each other. Taking the naked pictures of each other is also a fun making activity during sexual intercourse. Watching the own images having an erotic massage, penis, boobs and vagina will create confidence about the organs and their capability.

Now, the above things are good to make fun, but the only thing that needs attention is the sharing. Both should be cautious about the social sharing. All the captured materials should be kept in a secret place for future enjoyment.
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Is E-venge Sweet?

When a relationship ends you usually give the guy his stuff back - books, CDs and maybe the odd piece of laundry he left at your place. You don't air his laundry for the planet to see. Unless, of course, you have a little computer savvy, a sharp tongue and a scandal juicy enough to slander his name and comfort your ego. After all, nothing eases a broken heart quite like vengeance, with a little fame thrown in.

Divorce by You Tube

When UK actress and playwright Trisha Walsh-Smith was served with divorce papers last year by her husband, 74 year old Broadway bigwig Phillip Smith, the results were theatrical.

The ditched drama queen created a vitriolic video and posted it on video hosting site You Tube. The six minute online rant, Walsh-Smith says; 'We never had sex. He said it was because he had high blood pressure. I accepted that. Then last year I found Viagra, porn movies and condoms.'

She also flips through their wedding album and points out family members as nasty, bad or evil. But the video done her more damage than good. Watching it, you realize that the actress is not only seeing red, but she is deeply, and tragically sad.

Ex Effect

Tired of being dumped by losers. US blogger Tessa Martin created a blog called 'Ex girlfriend's revenge with the subtitle 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'. Although she doesn't name the men, she does post their pictures, with the eyes blacked out. Among the exes she exposes are a male model who made her feel the firmness of his butt on their first date, a part time lifesaver, who 'moonlighted as a complete pervert', and 'burrito-guy', her first boyfriend, who dumped her via his best friend. But mostly her rants concern 'The Gay Porn Beast', who she discovered was getting married to someone else.

'I thought of going big... Calling the venue, pretending to be the bride and telling them the wedding is off. How I dream of perfect revenge,' she blogs.

But possibly the most popular website is dontdatehimgirl, where women can anonymously post names, pics and addresses of ex-boyfriends. The site names and shames thousands of men - and one of them struck back. Todd Hollis claimed that the site allows users to post lies about him anonymously, such as that he was Gay Porn, had fathered several children, suffered from herpes and gave a girl a STD. His lawsuit was dismissed on grounds of free speech.

Then there was the STD All-stars blog. Its author, in New York explained; 'I started this blog because I contracted herpes and I'm pissed off. If you are free of STDs, you should read this blog as a cautionary tale. If you are among the inflicted, maybe you would like to use this blog as a means of venting your frustration. Do you know someone who is knowingly spreading disease? Send me a picture, I'll be happy to post it.'

She was eventually forced to shut down her blog after one of the male subjects of her story complained.
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Gay Rights Militant Allegedly Caught Victimisation Baby Erotica And Harangue Against Blacks

Larry Brinkin sucker dead reckoning
San Francisco Patrol Section

Larry Brinkin, a queer rights ikon in San Francisco, was reportedly arrested for possession of kid erotica.
The 66-year-honest-to-god Viagra is forbidden on bail bond until the territorial dominion attorney's office staff decides whether to register Viagra charges. The San Francisco History
reported these details:
Police force enjoin that Brinkin had pornographic images, more or less that seem to exhibit children as unseasoned as 1 and 2 or 3 age previous organism sodomized and acting unwritten sexuality on grownup men, in e-ring armour attachments coupled to his account, according to a seek stock warrant served by San Francisco police.
Representatives of United States of America Online contacted regime later approach crosswise e-chain armour attachments from matchless of its subscriber's accounts containing what they believed to be tike smut.
The Newly House of York Daily Newsworthiness
this be sick detail:

If you have any concerns relating to where and ways to utilize Porn Movies, you can call us at our own web site.
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This Geographical Area MP Projected Cheery Smut At Prag City Hall

Wikimedia Commons

gay pornKate
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Erotica Addiction, Porno Mouse And Cavernous Dysfunction (E.D.)

"Porn creep" is formed as "a condition that results from the constant or excessive watching of pornographic material. It is characterised by an inability to get an erection under circumstances that do not involve the watching of pornographic material."
Cavernous disfunction (or E.D.) is the unfitness to rise or maintain an erecting in males and is rearing in those with a smut dependency in our Internet Mature - Interahamwe more than so than was the subject pre-Net.

porn moviesDisturbingly, what my 2 class enquiry into pornography dependence constitute o'er and concluded once again was fully grown males World Health Organization were not alone virgins only who also suffered from utmost cavernous dysfunction. Yet More distressful was that younger Virgin males besides - tied those as youth as 14 to 16 were as well already suffering with cavernous dysfunction.
Many males identify their "love lives" as organism 100% porno and that this had been the instance since they outset began porning when open to it in their younger age. These Virgo the Virgin hands wander in age from teenagers to work force in their 30s. A few wealthy person sexual activity dolls. One and only had 10 dolls til now had ne'er touched a material know mortal. He was 20.

Some other virginal was 27, had erectile disfunction and was organism led to "total self destruction" masturbating with early hoi polloi on webcams and also had ne'er matt-up the fleshly advert of some other human organism in the existent world-wide. Others were on Viagra hitherto tranquillize struggled to get or donjon an erection.
Unity immature gentleman's gentleman wrote "I'm 18 and a porn addict for a few years and have E.D. I started out watching straight porn, then lesbian porn, transgender porn, gay porn, bestiality, bondage, older women, young men and what have you. Am I gay? I've never ever felt any attraction to men before. I've even started going to the Ads. I don't know if it's due to the escalation or if I am secretly gay. It's eating me alive. I'm a virgin."

Sadly, many youthful hands are caught in a gimmick 22 site. They recognise their porno utilise is what is preventing them from acquiring into substantial hot relationships til now are powerless to block. This leads to cycles of utmost sadness, loneliness and often tedium which then drives them to do more porn which leads to Thomas More mortal loathing and impuissance.
And so the pedal simply keeps going flesh out and around. Unity freak wrote "It's a catch 22. I've never had a girlfriend so I feel lonely and do porn - then porn stops me from getting a girlfriend." Some other wrote "I always porn when I am depressed, sad, lonely, feeling rotten or feel that I will never get a girlfriend."

Hush others deceive themselves that a human relationship testament doctor their porn dependence and E.D. problems. Unmatched junkie wrote "I'm 23 now and my porn addiction started very early. I hoped that when I got a girlfriend that I'd stop masturbating to porn and it would solve the problem. However, I did get her and my body wouldn't respond. It only wanted masturbation. It wanted me to sit in front of a computer watching porn. It's been the loss of that girlfriend due to my disease which has triggered my own realisation that I am a porn addict." Some other junkie wrote "Getting into a relationship will not "fix" my porn addiction. The fantasy is it will but it won't as relationships are separate altogether to porn addiction and most likely the porn addiction will doom the relationship anyway. This is similar to thinking getting into a relationship will fix any addiction. It won't."

Other males have a go at it a kinship will not localization their pornography dependance and turn victimised to non having relationships in their lives. Matchless wrote "I began porn at 12. Am now 19 and never had a girlfriend or date in my life. My love life is 100% porn. I know porn is the reason I've never had a girlfriend. You just get used to porn and don't want to put the effort into getting a girlfriend. I also have no confidence either."

Unmatchable 24 twelvemonth honest-to-goodness Virgo wrote the followers profoundly deplorable testimony... "I lead a terrifying double life that alienates angers and depresses me. Normal sex with a female no longer stimulates my mind. I get E.D. immediately. I've never been erect enough to penetrate and hence why I am still technically a virgin. Just to even try and have sex I have to fantasize about porn. I now have extreme loneliness and a detachment from the rest of the world. For a while I thought I must be gay and even came out to a couple of people only to find sex with men even less stimulating. I masturbate 3-5 times daily - increasingly in VERY inappropriate places - work, people's houses, public bathrooms, airports, airplanes, restaurants, hotel rooms - you name it. The skin on my penis wears down causing immense pain that takes months to heal because I can't stop masturbating. If I have the "itch", I have to scratch it - no matter the setting. I stopped once for 13 days. Towards the end of that time, and for the first time since the beginning of puberty, the simple things about a woman turned me on - hair, smile, style etc. It was like a fog has been lifted. But on day 14, I relapsed and entered a major relapse and it was to be the darkest one yet. All that hope that I would be able to be with a woman vanished."

Other addicts feature the Sami frustrations. One wrote "I'm a 24 year old virgin. Been doing porn for 4 years. My view on sex has been altered by porn to the point that I need porn in order to get aroused. Being with real women just doesn't arouse me. It's driving me crazy." Many men's stories are standardised to this mans.

For those addicts World Health Organization are non virgins and are - or wealthy person been - in relationships or marriages - their stories are evenly as distressful. Unity wrote "Sometimes I will watch porn before having sex as it is the only way I can get aroused and in the mood but even then I can't keep an erection yet with porn I can no problem and can and do compulsively masturbate. Other than that I have no sex drive at all. I only ever have one night stands and never had a relationship where we were sexual on a continuous basis. I also masturbate VERY aggressively and VERY fast that is not replicable by a vagina."

Hands give trained themselves - done onanism so much as this valet de chambre described - to lone react to a handle tighter than whatsoever vagina is probable to be able-bodied to grip. The penis nervousness become over stimulated so nowadays the Isle of Man cannot respond to More subtle sensations.
And many porn addicted men are comely to make love this totally overly good. Ane wrote "The masturbation effect is greater than the normal effect of sex and why my body doesn't respond as it should. I can't perform."

Unmatched of the things which astonied me in my research was how the jolly and full-strength loved ones of erotica addicts were forever having to Implore their male person partners for sex activity. This was unheard of pre-Internet and honestly more than scandalous in a room than a dole out of things I came crossways in my search.
Women NEVER had to beg men for sexual urge pre-Internet. Quite the inverse in fact. It was oft a run trick amongst females in special how manpower were always thirsty for sexuality and were a pain in the neck as a final result and why the term "I can't have sex. I've got a headache" was natural. A charwoman lone had to in brief reach a world and he would pay back an erection and privation sexual practice at once.

Women, in the end, became hesitating to eve refer their partners owed to their perpetual hope and call for for sexuality. With women, in the main, existence similar H2O and needing to be warmed up slow sexually ahead they are quick for sexual activity (it takes a womans vagina 20 proceedings to get to the full turned on ) verses workforce WHO are the like firing and involve dosing down, the imbalance was e'er prevailing between the sexes and why men were, at times, "nuisances".

Not whatsoever Sir Thomas More it seems like a shot we receive the Internet and Internet porno...
One human race wrote "Sex with my wife is changing. I'm wanting to have sex with her less and less and want to be acting out my addiction more and more. She has commented that she frequently is the initiator of sex and I pretty much can never achieve an orgasm when I have sex with her. This has a compounding effect and I now seek orgasms exclusively from the pornography. I see my life slipping away and I see all the lost potential. I'm 26." Some other serviceman wrote "I've got erection problems with my wife and in general and find myself withdrawn and down a lot of the time. I stop using porn and the erection problems go away and I think I'm okay now and go back to porn and they start again. It's a vicious cycle."

Another human wrote "I can get an erection very very easily as soon as I power up my laptop but cannot get one when having sex the normal way (porn use has been heavy for 6 years). Also when in bed with my wife I have to think of porn scenes to help me get and keep an erection." Some other addict wrote "I am a 28 year old gay porn addict. Porn filled my sexual needs when I didn't have a sexual partner. Now I've met a man and my problem is I can't get aroused when I am with him. I can only get aroused when I look at porn. I feel ashamed and a failure."

Porno addicted manpower constantly key out how their libido with their partners is near altogether destroyed due to their smut addictions. Unrivalled human being wrote "I feel as if my sex drive has completely gone to sleep unless I awaken it by looking at hardcore porn." Some other wrote "My porn and masturbation addiction has been going on for 16 years (since aged 13). Now when I try to have sex I lose arousal. I have a lot of suicidal thoughts." Some other Young mankind wrote "I have, for as long as I can remember, been unable to climax during intercourse. This makes sex frustrating for me. Yet I can compulsively masturbate to porn." Some other wrote this vernacular radical aforementioned concluded and concluded once again in erotica addicted populate...

"I find real sex disappointing and prefer doing porn to actual sex. It makes me cry though to think I would rather satisfy myself in front of a computer screen than with a gorgeous woman. It needs to end now."
Some other freak wrote "I established high standards of fantasy due to porn intake and now nothing will live up to my expectations in the real world and I can't get aroused with normal sex." Another wrote "I can't get fully erect when I am with a partner. Sex is boring after so much fantasy." Some other wrote "I don't feel the same high with real sex as I get from masturbating and porn." Some other aforementioned "I get bored with normal sex unless the woman acts in a porn way." Another wrote "I've been addicted since aged 13-14. I've had sex 3 times - all with prostitutes and failed to keep an erection. I've never had a girlfriend."

Another hook wrote "I don't enjoy sex much. I've been addicted to porn most of my adult life. The advent of the Internet just made things tremendously worse." Another wrote "I see sex and porn as 2 different kinds of orgasms and after watching porn, it feels like I have to rewire my mind to be able to climax during sex. If I hadn't watched porn, I'd not have a problem climaxing."
Another addict wrote "I'm 22 and my libido is almost completely destroyed. I don't get turned on EVER anymore. It's just started to feel like glorified urination - even during masturbation." Some other wrote "It's escalated to scat (faeces) and urine porn. I can't perform with real women and leave them wondering if there's something wrong with them (not intentionally) then go home and gross out to a nasty video where I am erect in a second - then I masturbate and go to sleep. This is typical. I just want a good healthy sex and emotional life."

Along the like theme, another junky wrote "It's progressed to scat porn and other extreme fetish stuff. I started doing porn at 11 (am now 27) and despite how attractive a girl was, I couldn't get a proper arousal." Another said "I always need more "forbidden" porn to maintain an erection and orgasm.
I'm 26 and never had sex or a girlfriend."
This sort of testimonial is written concluded and concluded and o'er over again by erotica addicts. Unmatched wrote "I have weak erections now even while doing porn and can't stay erect." In response, this recovering valet de chambre wrote this... "I had to constantly raise the bar to get my erections.

The addiction makes you get bored very easily. I had to keep clicking until something triggered me to get erect. As you begin to stay away from porn, within even a month, normal erections return."
Peerless tormented freak wrote "I plan to marry my partner but am scared I am already experiencing issues with being able to stay or even get aroused and am scared it will only get worse." Some other freak wrote "My first sexual experience was very underwhelming after years of porn and masturbating.

I'm technically still a virgin." Another wrote "I've been doing porn since I was 12 and had my first sexual experience today at 27. It was not as exciting as I thought it would be and I never ejaculated. Is this to do with my addiction?" Another wrote "When I had sex with a beautiful woman, I found it (after 2 years of not having sex) PLAIN.

It felt like "Is this it?" The coupling effect of 2 years without a woman (my choice) and the desensitizing effect of porn I think is what did it to me. Having sex with her just felt like work and nowhere near as easy and pleasurable as sitting in my chair over my laptop."

Many addicts compose time and clip once more that "It is easier to do porn than it is having sex. So is masturbation." Many hands also indite things along these lines... "I have intimacy issues. It's easier to reach out to porn than real people." Or... "I've started to watch hardcore stuff like humiliation. The more I watch porn, the less emotions I feel towards finding a girlfriend." Or... "Once I started Internet porn, my confidence around sex became so low I was almost afraid to do it.

This still affects me today." Or... "I find cybersex safer than risking the drama of a real relationship. It's ruining my life though." Or... "I've been hooked on porn since I was 10 when I found my father's collection. I've been addicted ever since - 25 years. I've stayed somewhat single most of my adult life - an occasional date here and there.

Magazines and videos were easier to have a relationship with than the real thing." Some other wrote "Pornography was my first love/ lust. I viewed it before I'd even come into contact with a woman."

Along interchangeable themes, some other addict wrote "I've been watching porn since I was 12. I first found my uncle's magazines and since then could not put porn down. From when I was young I never felt girls found me attractive so my porn addiction enabled me not to care about cultivating meaningful and intimate relationships with females.
I am now in my 20s and feel the constant pain of being alone. Only cynicism and hate fill my heart because of the deep void porn and masturbation addiction have thrown me into. My life is a sham. As I see my friends get married, have children and enjoy life, I sometimes feel like I want to kill myself."

Another profoundly saddened freak wrote "As I ended up watching harder and nastier porn, my own sexuality became completely absent. What's worse is that I've never had a girlfriend or sex so it's confusing for me. I'm 18 and already feel like a 70 year old man who has erectile dysfunction. Now non-hardcore porn doesn't arouse me and I need riskier and riskier porn to get aroused.
I now need really really hardcore and nasty perverted porn to arouse myself. Watching porn over the years has destroyed my whole sexuality. I've tried to quit but it's so hard. I feel ashamed because I really want to quit this whole shit once and for all. I want to have a NORMAL sexuality with a REAL girlfriend and REAL sex.

I just have no idea how to get away from all this - every attempt to quit has failed."
Nonetheless another Loretta Young junky aforesaid "I opened my first bank account to buy webcam credit. I'm 18. Paying for a girl to get naked makes me feel terrible. I've now met a real girl but can't face cutting off web contact with this other girl on the webcam. When I get taken over again though I won't care and that's horrible.
It's a pattern that just goes on and on and will only get worse. I know that."
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